Building Bridges

Building Bridges – Areas where I would like to cooperate:

The idea is bringing people together to create an alternative version of us. Different from what the media tell us about each other or what politics make us believe is possible and necessary. Our own understanding will change if we understand each other better, find out about each others lives and our expectations towards the future and how we could gain from our diverse experiences.


In the Middle East, stories are very important. They shape learning experiences and lives of kids and adults. Maybe we can draw from this knowledge and create our own personal stories of intercultural encounters. Sharing these stories will change some wrong perceptions and allow us to connect with each other in a different way. Additionally, I believe in the power of learning by bringing people together and working with each other to achieve something valuable.

Dedicated projects

Modern forms of sustainable tourism and arts are two examples, how we can build bridges successfully. Also, international companies and universities can provide learning and working experience that bring people together aiming for common best practices on a technical but also on a cultural level. Us – We can create projects that provide cultural value and build the competencies we need for mastering our future.