Safa Talent Journey

I am preparing a journey to identify cultural and human potentials in the Middle East and make them transparent for us in Europe:

The journey is planned for at least 6 months. I will travel to select spots in different countries in the Middle East and explore the culture and engage with people. The aim is not going everywhere and seeing everything but to seek out special people with open hearts and minds to connect with. Visiting ‘social leaders’ in their ecosystem will provide deep insight into their capabilities and perspectives on live. I will generate a blog and communicate using different means and media covering the most interesting aspects of the journey. This way, you will join me and be part of it. We will share experiences and start building bridges. Along my way, I will be drafting a map of talents and human potentials to be highlighted. At the end of the road, there will be partners with projects for building bridges, a human potentials map and many new insights into our interdependent Arab-European world.

Safa Talent Journey: Finding Talents – Encountering Human Potentials – Connecting Hearts – Building Bridges

Goals of this journey:
  • Showing Arab culture in different Middle Eastern countries as they are today. Looking at the role of arts and modern ways of expressing and transforming cultural influences.
  • Meeting and connecting with Arab people contrasting their perspectives on life and challenges they face with those we experience in Europe. Learning from each other and learning how they perceive Europe and the Europeans.
  • Portraying Arab people with their capabilities, ambitions and potentials. Drafting a map of human potentials and talents we as Europeans can learn from.
  • Shedding light on women and their leading roles in society.
  • Finding partners for building bridges and creating projects how we can learn from each other.
Start: October 2019

More to be announced soon! Your feedback