The cultural and economical challenges between Europe and the Middle East inspire me to seek new and innovative ways of improving our mutual understanding and collaboration. For the last years, I have been traveling and living in Middle Eastern countries – such as Jordan, Palestine, Oman, UAE, Lebanon and Iran  – learning about the culture and studying the Arabic language. I found that there are much more differences between Middle Eastern countries and more commonalities between Europe and the Arab world than I expected. Rather, I see the potential for mutual growth and expansion besides all the conflicts which I am very much aware of. One thing I realized, was the amount of misunderstanding and lack of knowledge of each other which is only partly understood because of historical calamities.

Thus, I got motivated to look out for opportunities for building bridges, bringing people together to create something new and connecting talents across regional and cultural boundaries. There are many ways to approach such an endeavor. Based on my professional experience, I am convinced that such projects are best implemented if they are independent of actual politics and financing bodies. They should convey mutual benefits and have a social as well as financial impact. Because then they matter.

Right now, I am preparing the Safa Talent Journey starting in October. Here is some first information

It’s is a journey – Let’s make it happen!